Sinus from around 2002 from the CD: En Spade Er En Spade. TC guitar, Frank Richard drm, Preben Madsen Bas.
Freedom, Along All, H for Hendrix, Blue Sun Memory and Se Den Lille Stær
is soundclips for Peter Øvigs book Hippie 1 2012.
How Could I Blame You, One Morning In Black, Love Is Under Control, I Want You, The Clown og Just One Day
are all from aprox 2000, by Rockforce: TC, Thomas Frahm vo, Preben Madsen bas, Frank Richard later Tobias Welzer tr.
Kan Det Blive Nemmere, Sjælens Fuglevinger og Skoven Dyrene
from aprox 2010 are all different variants of TC-Band. Am.a. Janne Britt Andersen vo, Søren Gorm kontrabas, Søren Berggren g, Emil Ferslev dr. Skoven Dyrene is a more recent version of the old recording dome by Musikpatruljen from 1972.
Dream City, Love Is U Crtl, Søgelys, Sunshine o.y. Love, Daybreak, Leave Me Cryin', Sørøveren, Air og Forvalteren
are from the 3 CD Do The Blues 1993, Syre 2002 and Søgelys 2005 .Members TC, Peter Ingemann b, Bo Jacobsen later from Søgelys Søren Berlev dr.
All 13 tracks mrk. Spade
are from the CD En Spade Er En Spade 2002. TC solo instrumental CD.
Skousen/Ingemann Isabel is from the first Skousen/Ingemann LP from 1971.
Osiris/ Lone Kellermann Christianias Kampsang is from the original Christianiaplade from 1976. Gr. was TC, Karsten Madsen b, Bo Jacobsen dr, Niels Pind Pedersen orgel, Morten Carlsen sax and Lone Kellermann. Other Osiris tracks are from private recordings in the late seventees.
Med Kærlig Hilsen Trædbassehus
is from the LP from 1972. TC played orginally doublebass, but here guitar. The record is remixed and rereleased in 1999 on CD.
Skousen 68
is TC's version and arr. of Skousens tune from 2002. The track is on TC's album Jeg Var Go I Går from 2005.
Naar Spindelvevene Blomstrer Neste Gang is from TC's first LP from 1978.
TC To Venner
is from TC's' CD Jeg Var Go I Går fra 2005.
TC Hepar
is from a casette release from 1978. It was an "answer" to Steen Bramsens (reviewer) 1-star review of the LP' in 1978.
TC Prisen for at Ryge Cigar, Sorte Mand, Kannibalerne Kommer, Grønbenet Rørhøne, En Dag Da Jeg Lå I Luften, Dauu, Se Nu Stiger Solen
are all from this LP.
TC En lille Stue, Supersound og Gamle Skygge
is from a cassette tape: Snydt from 1976. Theese tracks are on several other releases as well.
Boline The Grey Emminence, The Crimson Circle og White Room
are from Boline (band)'s first LP from 1982. Band was: TC, Boline, Johnny Andreasen llater Ib Tranø b, Helle Ryslinge g og Karsten Høst dr. Boline La Vie En Rose, La Dot, Pantoufle Mulle, Radio Moscow og La Vie En Rose are later recordings from aprox 1985 which TC and Boline first released many years later in 1993 at the CD La Dot.
Turell Younanistan Chieftelli, Indian Inspiraion og Vi Skræmmer Verden
are from Turell and Sølvstjernernes LP from 1978 m. Turell voc, Fl. Quist Møller conga, Jan Kaspersen pno/org og TC. The tracks Planeten Comar og Capt Trips are from same sessions but later release (2004) CD.
Brdr. Sindssyg Tag det Sorte Kors og Som Dug På Slagne Enge are from the groups LP from 1973. Gr. was: TC kontrabas g, Leif Varmark v, g, Henning Prins v, and on the recording Søren Seirup (Sarstedt, Steppeulvene): piano.
Taxxa Roser i Struer
is from a single (vinyl) (Kms 4) from ca. 1978. Leif jønsen v, g, Tommy Engell dr, Niels Pedersen sax and TC g.
Monrad Mik og TømrerClaus Manddomsglæde og En Mærklig Morgen
is from the LP Monrad Mik and TømrerClaus from 1975.
Cirkusprinsessen: Cool track., right?

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