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I was born in 1945.
Getting an apprenticeship as a carpenter in 1963 in Aarhus. 3 years and 8 months it took back then. Final salary was 51 kr per week. My friends who worked at Homa, weaving plastic chairs, earned ten times as much and could afford the new Triump Tiger 100 motorcycles.

In the late sixties, after my apprenticeship, I was a hippie , a dreamer and drove around with no real goals . Like so many others. However, I had a little dream of becoming a musician, which means living by playing music. In my childhood I played clarinet and guitar and as a carpenter's apprentice, I had bought a second-hand pump organ and refurbished it.

In 1965, as a member of very early rock band "The Dodgers" on guitar , I came so far and as to "Africano" in Esbjerg and "Aarhus Hall" in Aarhus. In 1968 I formed the band "Fire", a trio that included Hendrix numbers. Later in 1969 I formed a band called "Limfjorden" who played jazz - rock, which at that time was relatively new.

I attended Thylejren 1970 as a craftsman, but I also brought my own guitar carpenter tools, flute and saxophone with me . "Under Nålene" was a little sly place I made after the camp was established. Here you could buy a solid pate on bread and a cup of coffee. Later also "Silver" and "Gold" – Hashis- chocolate milk. When I didn't have customers, I played music and in that way, I became a familiar face that was noticed by the many musicians, who came from Copenhagen to play in camp.

After Thylejren I moved to Copenhagen and became soon a member of the Skousen / Ingemann Workshop. From here followed many years with musician life which, in addition to Skousen / Ingemann, included touring with a predominantly black gospel band in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Later a number of bands : "Brødrene Sindsyg", "Gry" (a variant of "Blue Sun" ), "Med kærlig hilsen", "Autogena-band", " Tømmermændene" , "Osiris" (with Lone Kellermann ) , a flirt with "Savage Rose", "Dan Turell og Sølvstjernerne", Boline Band ( including Karsten Høst (drums) formerly "Alrune Rod" ) , "Monrad, Mik and Tømrer Claus" (later Total Petroleum) , "Dream City" , "FlowerPotParty" , "Band Of Friends" , "Radio Luxembourg" , "Tømrer Claus Calling" .

March 1973 ~ "Med kærlig hilsen",
I played bass. We played at a wedding.

"Brdr Sindssyg" in front of "Huset i Magsstræde" 1972

I started "Karma Music Studio" and record label in 1976. I elaborated my understanding about the recording engineering and electronics and later the digital technology. Karma Music was a "cult-place" for expressive rock and punk music, followed by several years of recordings and more than 50 publications with bands like "Before", "Alrune Rod, Culpeppers Orchard, Young Flowers, Bleeder Group and many many more.

In the late 1980'es, I started working in The Diem Studio in Aarhus and I was there the next 14 years as a studio engineer in Denmark's most modern recording studio for electronic music. Karma Music continued along and changed the profile to be a company that produced, reprinted and sold the music from the wild years in the 70'es. Because of my interest in music, I went a lot of times to Bulgaria. More and more instruments became a part of my musical universe.

When Diem was sfacing big changes in 2002, I decided to quit and work 100 % as a musician and record label executive. I moved (back) to the Copenhagen area and furnished studios, record company and rehearsal rooms in an old villa in Herlev. Karma Music, Dream City, FlowerPotParty and TømrerClaus Band filled up the time. Later two new bands emerged: Radio Luxembourg and Tømrer Claus Calling Flower Power. The web shop "Karma Music" grew and included in addition to the music also Indian goods, clothing, incense, singing bowls, Quilts, and other stuff.

In 2011 I composed and recorded background music and an independent soundtrack to Peter Øvig's 16-hour audio book "Hippie 1". It was followed by the 15-hour audio book and soundtrack for "Hippie 2" in 2012. Read more about the project here.

Today I am probably one of the most independent musicians in this country. Among other things the internet has made it possible to do without the traditional media (radio, TV, newspapers) and the positive trend seems to continue. Karma has never been insolvent, we have not sold out or sold the record company or parts of it. We do not rely on anyone but ourselves and those who buy our products as well as those who provide the content.

In many ways, Karma Music is the realization of "do-it -yourself" dreams. The "Hippie years" made permanent footprints in art, music and lifestyle. Karma Music survived on the sidelines in the lean years, where the music was placed under the mercy and cordiality of DR and the media. Karma Music and many of the sacred hippie ideals and music are still running smoothly like an small independent green island in a shark-filled ocean.

I have a feeling, that the next 20 years will be a time between two eras. No one knows the direction, many have financial difficulties, a lot hold on to theirs, and some try to feather their nests even more. However, a transition is in progress, new values will take over, the media world will experience major changes (for the better, I guess) .

In the turn of 1960/70 came the psychedelic music and political awareness. Soon you could hear it in the lyrics of the music. In the eighties they were gone again. Today, political lyrics are rare guests in the music even though society faces huge changes and big problems that require political solutions.

Art and music will always reflect society as soon as there is a new trend, it will be seen and heard. Fewer "I" songs and a lot more "us" and "we" songs, please.

Herlev February the 20, 2013


Contact for requests about concerts, videorecordings, photo, posters and events:
mailto karma@karma.dk

Claus Clement Pedersen, best known as Tømrerclaus (born 21. november 1945 in Aarhus) guitarist, cellist, bassist, clarinettist, contrabas and fluteplayer, singer, hurdy-gurdy player, music-producer, soundtechnician, video-producer and webshop manager.
Musikpatruljen 1972 with Niels Skousen, Peter Ingemann, Tømrer Claus, Knud Bjørnø & Bjørn Uglebjerg.
"TC+Skousens Vincent was Niels's first band after Skousen/Ingemann. We made a record Palads Af Glas from 1975 and played some gigs..."
Skousen, Ingemann, Tømrerclaus and Stig Møller at 40 years ann of "Herfra hvor vi står" in 2011

My independed record studio Karma Music was a "cult-place" for expressive rock and punk music up during the 70 and 80es. Read more about KARMA MUSIC history here
Peter Øvig & TømrerClaus, Hippie1, recorded in Karma Studio 2011.


The Dodgers
Monrad, Mik og TømrerClaus
Brdr. Sindssyg
Med Kærlig Hilsen
Savage Rose
Autogena Band
Dan Turell & Sølvstjernerne
Boline Band
TømrerClaus (solo)
Dream City
Fools For Blues
Radio Luxembourg
TømrerClaus Calling
TømrerClaus/Peter Øvig

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